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Ron Zalko Fitness – Furious 7 Workouts in Vancouver (RZ Exclusive)

Toning. Firming. Definition.  Our Furious 7.


Ron Zalko Classic (RZC)

Copied by many, equalled by none! Vancouver’s premier and classic aerobic workout. It provides an approach to the totally fit body, including the basic components of endurance, strength, muscle toning, and flexibility. It also incorporates a segment of cardiovascular training to turn up the heat and intensity of the workout for maximal results! Suitable for all fitness levels.


Ron Zalko Fat Burner (RZFB)

A combination of high and low impact aerobics with an extended cardio segment. It is the ultimate fat burning workout.


RZ Athletic Step

This class performs high intensity, low-impact, choreographed routines on and around the step. This class has a whole lot of rhythm and focuses on gaining confidence on the step in a fun environment. You choose the level of intensity and our instructors will bring music you can step to the beat of!


RZ Cross Training & Core

Up the intensity of your workout with cardio intervals, sculpting and core training. Get all the benefits of personal training in a group fitness atmosphere. This is a dynamic workout invested in keeping up with all the best new moves and research to keep you strong, healthy and lean.


RZ Dance Sculpt

High intensity, effective and fun! You will flow from the dance warm up to the energetic cardio portion to the body sculpt and core segments using light weights, for a complete and uplifting workout. Come see why our members always line up out the door for this unique dance and fitness class; the energy is infectious!


RZ Low

A cardio class for all fitness levels. It combines simple, power-based, non-impact choreography with a combination of strength training to increase muscular strength and endurance. Beginners welcome!


Total Body Training / Conditioning

Get a complete body conditioning workout from an experienced trainer who will work every muscle group to the max in this time-efficient and effective class using dumbells, body balls, resistance bands and your body weight. This class uses a variety of equipment and techniques ensuring continual improvement and achievements of all your health and fitness goals.

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